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Dear Dr. Hardy and staff:

Removal of the mercury amalgams has been quite beneficial to me. It has generally made me feel better as well as increased my stamina. But one of the most noticeable improvements has been [in] my thinking processes.

Since my health problems are quite bad, this improvement was very much appreciated. I'm sure as time progresses and the mercury continues to be detoxed from my body, I'll have more areas of improvement, one of which I hope is the lessening of my chemical sensitivities. In my quest to regain my health, the removal of the mercury amalgam fillings has been the most beneficial treatment I have undergone, and I have undergone many.

Again, thank you for all your help and patience.

Cathy A. Altig
Dear Dr. Hardy and staff:

After having been on an extensive health program for seven years, most of my physical problems had cleared beautifully. A canker sore problem which I had had since early childhood still remained, however. In the six—month period prior to my pentathlon of amalgam removal, I began experiencing a progressively worsening problem with short—term memory loss and severe shoulder and toe pain (much like gout). All of these were, in fact, threatening my career as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

After the removal of the amalgam fillings, there was an immediate change in all of these symptoms. Over a period of time, all symptoms have completely vanished except for an occasional canker sore. Even these are less frequent and less intense. I thank you for your excellent care and for your pioneering work in this area of endeavor.

Philip Haselden, Jr., D.C
Dear Dr. Hardy,

The day following the removal of the last bit of mercury from my teeth, I realized my head felt pounds lighter (at least this is the way it felt). It was hard to believe that mercury caused such heavi-ness. My health has been decidedly better, and I'm able to maintain a cheerful attitude almost constantly. Last, but by no means least, my teeth no longer ache.

And as far as my appearance is concerned, my teeth look beauti-fully normal. When I smile, I no longer look like what I call a "metal-mouth." My husband, Paul, is like a new person since he had all the mer-cury removed from his teeth. His health too, is much improved. However, the greatest improvement is in the fact that he is not as irritable as he used to be. He doesn't detect this change, but I can assure you, there is a definite difference.

Thank you for all the work you did on both of us. We are deeply and sincerely grateful.

Jeanne Hupper