Dr. James E. Hardy, D.M.D., P.A.
Health-Centered Dentistry
"Proud to Be Mercury Free"
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I've never seen a set of teeth walk into my office without a body attached. I've never seen anybody walk into my office without emotional attachments. And I've never seen someone with poor eating habits and a stressful lifestyle without the eventual manifestation of physical consequences.

So, in my practice of Health-Centered Dentistry, I find it important to learn as much as I can about your lifestyle and eating habits. I then share with you what I know about the interrelationships of your physical, emotional and dental health based on your profile. This information allows me to be a better dentist for you.

We all have different paths in life that create different tastes. That's why there are more flavors than chocolate and vanilla. So I believe each patient is an individual with individual needs. How I treat you and what I do for you depends on the bigger picture of who you are, not just what your teeth look like.

At my office, I see you as a whole person, complex and original. In the heart of my office philosophy, rests your good health.

James E. Hardy, D.M.D., P.A.

With 100 years experience shared between 5 staff members, we are proud to offer:

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